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The Early November

—Ever so Sweet

The first time I ever even heard a song by The Early November the band had already broken up. Ace Enders was opening for Cute is What We Aim For, and I was lucky enough to be at the show. Because Enders was promoting his new band, Ace Enders and a Million Different People, he only played one Early November song, which was “Ever So Sweet”.

The song title alone could break my heart, but Enders’ voice brings the heartache to a whole new level. Though he has a pretty simple voice, Enders knows exactly how to hit each note and pack as much emotion as possible behind his words. The way he croons, “To treat me so nice, I can’t believe my bones,” gives me chills.

I also like how he ties the idea of sweetness in with baked goods. “Ever so sweet, you baked it in cakes for me, What you left behind, it hurts my teeth.” I’ve never had any serious dental issues, but with years of braces, I know exactly how horrible having your teeth or mouth ache is, so I easily relate. However, I think those lines also explain more of the storyline. Enders doesn’t seem bitter at all, so it sounds like a fairly drama-free break up. Although I know Enders hated how he is constantly told he looks like Michael Cera, I cannot help but think of Cera’s character in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and how utterly destroyed he is by the split.

I have to admit though, the first version of the chorus is my favorite. It’s just the way Enders’ voice wails “And I’ll miss, I’ll miss you so good, All of those nights, we lost our way back home.” It’s like being punched in the gut. I honestly want to roll into a ball in bed and cry my eyes out at this part. Especially considering I’ve used the “Oh we got lost” excuse with my parents when out with some of boyfriends to explain why I got home at two a.m. and not one.

All in all, The Early November’s “Ever So Sweet” is an ultimate break-up/pity party and eat ice cream all night song. Enders’ voice is like a depressing lullaby that is impossible to not want to listen to over and over, but don’t be like me and play it so much that your entire family knows the words and teases you for it.

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